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Whether it's a corporate tax return or a basic 1040, we can help you get through the stresses of tax time.  We have extensive experience dealing with all levels of tax situations, to include:


     - Individual Tax Form 1040

     - Form 1065 Partnerships and LLCs

     - C-Corp Form 1120

     - S-Corp Form 1120S

     - Form 709 Gift Tax Returns


We look forward to working with our clients throughout the year to do proactive tax planning; Tax season doesn't stop for us on April 15th.

Bookkeeping / Accounting


We provide a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services to help you better manage your business.  We can assist in all phases of the process, from daily bookkeeping and processing of cash receipts and payments, all the way through to completion of the financial statements. 


If you need monthly statements for internal purposes or independent accountant-prepared compiled statements to give to your lender, we can make sure you see the true results of operations.

Assurance Services


Often, financing agreements will include clauses that require some level of assurance on a company's financial statements.  This could be a full audit of the statements, a review, or compilation of the statements.  For nonprofits, many grantors require audited financial statements when funds have been awarded.

Whatever the requirement, our team can provide you with the necessary financial statement services you need.  Call us today so we can assist.




Consulting services are some of the least utilized services available.  Have you ever wondered how you compare to other companies, or how you can increase operational efficiency?  We can provide that needed second opinion to help you improve processes, cash flow generation, and general operational improvements.  

Outsourced CFO


There comes a time in all businesses where you need a higher level of experience and knowledge to take your business to the next level.  Unfortunately, when that time arrives, your business might not yet be in a position where it can pay a full time CFO.


We can provide that experience and knowledge on a part-time basis to better utilize funds available.  We can help provide better insight, help with strategic decisions, and provide a "sounding board" so you can feel more confident in your decisions that will help to elevate your company. 


Other Services


We offer additional services, including:


  • software support, to include Sage, QuickBooks, Great Plains, MAS 90, and others; 

  • payroll, both full service and after-the-fact; 

  • financial statement forecasting; budgeting; and

  • other ad-hoc requests.


This list is not all inclusive.  For those services we don't offer, we have formed strategic partnerships with other professionals in the area.  We do not try to be experts in all areas; frankly, that's next to impossible with the increased regulatory landscape.  We do, however, have a network available to us that we can call upon when the need arises.  

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