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Tax Season is Here

Office Hours:  We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and also open on Saturdays by appointment.  Please note, the front doors are currently locked ( similarly to before tax season ) as we are once again taking basic Covid precautions for our clients and the staff.  We are still actively working and are still meeting with clients.  When you arrive, please call the main office phone and we will let you in.   Appointments can be from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  


We are pleased to announce the addition of Jerry Johnson, CPA, CGMA to the staff.  Jerry brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him.  With the addition of Jerry, we now have over 100 years of combined of combined experience.  Give us a call to see how we can help you navigate the financial implications of your personal and business decisions.


All in person meetings must be scheduled in advance so we can take all necessary precautions.  We also have the ability to exchange all information via secure file sharing.  You can complete the entire process without leaving your house if you choose.


Similar to prior years, the basic tax forms have changed, again.  The look of the forms will be different this year, as they have the past two years.  These are IRS mandated changes.  Also, as you will notice on the form, there is a line for the Economic Assistance Payments ( stimulus pay out's ).  There are a lot of misperceptions regarding the taxability of these payments.  These payments are NOT taxable to the recipient; they do however have to be reported via the tax preparation cycle.  This reporting will determine if you received all of the payments you should have; if not, you will get the payment added to your refund.  Please ask us questions if you are unsure about this. 


2021 Tax Deadline and Payments

On January 10th 2022, the IRS released a press release stating they would start accepting e-filed returns on January 24th, 2022.  However, there are still several forms that have not received final approval.  This could slow down processing of returns even more.  Also, the IRS deadlines for all returns are the same as pre-Covid years, meaning the Form 1040 Individual Return is due April 18th, 2022.  Please note this due date is not a typo, and the Form 1040 is due April 18th, unless an extension has been submitted.  Please also note that extensions of time to file do not provide for an extension of time to pay any taxes owed.  If this deadline changes, we will let all clients know.    Individuals and business can still file extensions as normal.  If you have any questions regarding filing or payment deadlines and the various options available, please contact our office.

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